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After reading other answers, I also want to share my story.

I live in Vadodara city and I am a BSNL 3G internet user.

I moved in October 2012 to a locality in Vadodara which was newly developed at that time and didn't had any wired broadband services available in my society except Reliance which might be having a cable broken somewhere because people in my society were complaining that they are having connectivity issue with them. Because of this I was only left to use wireless internet services, so my father purchased a BSNL 3G data card for me. From that time, when I started using there services till the end of October 2014, they had pathetic Internet connectivity, the internet used to take a lot of time to connect, sometimes it didn't even connect for an hour or two. I should have to try connecting for almost 10-20 minutes sometimes even half an hour to get a stable connection which really irritated me, even after making several complains guess what they didn't improved their services which forced me to move to another network. I purchased MTS then, which worked fine for me and used their services for almost two years. BSNL services remains pathetic.

When new government came after 2014 lok sabha election, I again posted a complain on a newly launched government portal sometime in July 2014, again nothing happened. 
But suddenly in October 2014 I was surprised that three official from BSNL visited my home with some signal testing equipment & tested indoor signal quality, and they told me that I have posted a complain on the government portal, from where they got my address, they also told me that they are visiting my locality for examining the BTS near the area, checking signal quality and BSNL authorities have plans to install another 3G BTS near my locality to improve the signal strength. They also explained me that why connectivity in my area was weak. 
After 10 days I reactivated the BSNL services, I was glad that the internet services really improved, connection started getting established in single attempt, and from that day to till now I am getting a consistent speed in between 2-5 Mbps and never faced any problems regarding internet connectivity. In nighttime I even got consistent speed of nearly 8mbps. Rarely sometimes with BSNL I might have faced speed related issue but not for long time.

This clearly shows that the Modi led BJP government is really very much serious about digital India.
I feel that India is improving in many field such as improving civic sense of people, cleanliness, defense, ease of doing business, infrastructures, railways etc. 

I think India is definitely changing under Narendra Modi government.