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Every Indian (I hope) is aware of the cleaning conditions of Indian Railways and I (am) or used to be one of them who( thinks) or used to think an Indian train cannot be clean.
And then  I experienced this. 

I was traveling from Raipur (Chhattisgarh) to Kolkata. One lady sitting in front of me spilled tea. Everybody saw following notice and all the people of my compartment were like let's check whether they are following this or not but all of them were pretty sure, it isn't going to happen. Another lady had almost started cleaning, but somebody stopped her.

So I followed the instructions and texted my details on this number. To my surprise within 2-3 minutes I got a reply mentioning details like cleaner's name and phone number( I am not sure) and they gave me time limit as well!

He came within half an hour  (20 mins to be precise) as I had given my PNR he came directly to me and asked what is the problem.

After cleaning he took my name,signature and feedback. Of course feedback was excellent.

So if you ask me about good days...
Yeah! They have come!